The Weed A Rita

The Weed A Rita has been a few months in the making. From the second month working at the dispensary I have been slowly compiling a list of ingredients that would maximize the THC content in a cocktail, perfect for a party.

Using edible cannabis, infused beverages, lozenges, powders and ingestible oils. I created the Weed A Rita, a 500 mg cocktail of mostly sativa based ingredients. It will give you the giggles so buckle up, invite your friends, break out the board games or charades and let the fun begin. Get ready to laugh until you cry.


  1. 6 Versus Key Lime Seltzer’s – 60 mg
  2. 4 Sweet Justice Pacific Island Punch – 40 mg
  3. 2 Favour Shots Berry Mixer – 20 mg
  4. 2 Bottles of Five founders THC Oil – 60mg
  5. 1 Package of Electric Lemon Edison Jolts – 100 mg
  6. 1 Package of Indiva Life Lozenges – 250 mg

Total THC500 mg

At Thoughts Off The Stem we are devoted to getting you to where you want to be in the best way possible. What does that mean? That means I like to find new combinations and ways to mix cannabis products to give you the best high possible. If you’re intrigued by the Weed A Rita and want to see how it’s made?

Check out the video here

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smelling weed in a stash jar
Weed is yummy. The weed a rita takes it to a new level!