Dude for Real!

Dude for real the world is full of amazing people, places and things, both past and present. These are all the weird and wonderful stories, myths and facts presented on the Dude for real segment of thoughts off the stem podcast.

The topics presented here are generally void of weed. However, from time time some cannabis content mixes in. What can I say stoners do dumb stuff too!

This segment isn’t so much facts, as it is weird and cool things I find when I’m bored, stoned and ready for a ride down the rabbit hole.

Let’s put it this way. I’ve talked about everything from life in outer space, to a dude who sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice! To 6 ft penguins and mushrooms as big as trees. What can I say? I’m a curious person and I have an insatiable need to be entertained. So here is a little insight into what I find amusing.

Dude for Real?!

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50 Amazing facts about stuff other than weed – Seshisode 92

Dumbest Criminals Of All Time – Seshisode 91

dude for real
Dude for Real!

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