Facts about Cannabis – Weed Facts

Facts about cannabis as referenced on the weed facts segment of the Thoughts Off The Stem. The links provided on this page are for entertainment purposes mostly.

Some times you can find educational and informative articles worth a read. There are also silly facts that may or may not be true. We use a variety of “facts” on the show in an effort to entertain, educate and highlight the irony of the negative stigma surrounding marijuana.

For cannabis newbies some of these facts can help answer a variety of questions you may have. For the Seasoned enthusiast these will get you giggling while you puff some nugz bro. Who know’s you might even learn something new.

Either way this page should be a good time for anyone looking to have a laugh and learn a little while getting high. I do believe it is your responsibility to look into any of the facts on this page and do some research before deciding wether or not they are accurate.

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Have fun puffing and paroozing!

Weed Facts!

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Facts about cannabis
Weed Facts

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