Thoughts Off The Stem

Thoughts Off The Stem is a cannabis infused comedy podcast. Hosted by your friendly neighbourhood pothead and key holder at Canada’s leading cannabis dispensary.

“The goal is to get you to where you want to be in the best way possible”. At least that’s what I tell my customers at the shop!

So get ready to forget your troubles. I’ll make you laugh until it hurts. Teach you something about the vast array of products on the legal market. Sample new strains. Review said products and educate you about the Canadian cannabis industry. All while smoking copious amounts of marijuana.

Let Thoughts Off The Stem help you find your perfect high. We all know cannabis is a lot of trial and error. Having first hand experience you can believe me when, I say I’ve done the trial so you don’t have to make the error.

It doesn’t matter if you just started using cannabis. Or if you’re one of those dudes that’s been smoking for 30 years and “can’t get high off this stuff any more”.

I’ve got something for everyone. Like “Weed Facts” the segment, where, you guessed it. I discuss weed facts! If you’re not into facts about marijuana. It’s all good. You should get down with the “Dude for Real” segment. Where, I find funny, weird, random and amazing non cannabis related facts to discuss.

Thoughts Off The Stem is the result of a bong hit and a sense of humour. With new episode released every Friday at 4:20pm on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Good pods, anywhere you get a podcast really. It’s out there.

Grab your buds and load your bowls. Spin a joint and roll a blunt or do a dab and Join the sesh!

Thoughts Off The Stem cannabis comedy podcast
Thoughts Off The Stem a cannabis infused comedy podcast.